True Or Fake Nuts?

There are many things in this world that are thought to be something they’re not, but many of us never suspected that some ‘nuts’ would fall under this category. According to definition, “nuts are a simple, dry fruit with one seed in which the seed case wall becomes very hard at maturity”. Here’s our list of the top imposters that aren’t actually nuts:


Yes, your favourite easy snack is an imposter. Peanuts, also known as earthnuts, monkey nuts and Manila nuts, are actually a type of pea which grows underground. So, if you’re allergic to peanuts, you may not even be allergic to nuts.


They’re seeds. They split apart in a capsule or pod and true nuts don’t split. Their seed and fruit are the same thing. They grow at the top of tall trees, in a capsule with eight to twenty-four seeds.

If you shake a muesli or mixed nuts containing Brazils, they’ll always rise to the top. This is actually called ‘The Brazil Nut Effect’ (yes, that is actually a real thing).

Fun fact: In Brazil, these nuts are called Castanhas.


Nope. Also not nuts. They’re a seed in disguise.

In Medieval times, walnuts were thought to relieve headaches because they resembled the brain.


A cashew is a seed of a fruit called a Cashew Apple, which hangs at the bottom of the fruit. Did this fact just blow your mind? They’re never sold in their skins because their seed lining contains anacardic acid (a powerful irritant).

They come from Brazil after the Portuguese planted them in the 1500s and they spread through Africa and Asia.


They come from a desert plant called the Pistachio Tree, which is a member of the cashew family. These imposters are a seed of the pistachio tree.


Jeup – the seeds of the Almond Tree. The tree is famous for its beautiful flowers, which were even painted by Van Gogh.

Not faking it

Don’t fret – there are some nuts that are actually nuts. Hazel nuts, pecans, acorns and beech nuts are among the true nuts out there. Just because these nuts aren’t really nuts, doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious. Next time you’re munching on a mix, remember you’re actually eating seeds and nuts!

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