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Roasted Almonds


Boiled to perfection to retain their nutritional goodness. These are one of our most popular products.  These almonds are also available as salted, unsalted, roasted, flaked, slivered and as inshell.


Roasted Almonds Cape Town

They can be eaten on their own, in a lunchbox.  Also best in baked dishes, your cookies, cupcakes and macaroons would be incomplete without them. They also go super well in chicken and lamb dishes. They’re the perfect size, these almonds are great for a super quick on-the-go snack and filling your lunchbox.

Snacking on them early in the day can help balance your blood sugar.  These nuts are also packed with various minerals, protein, fiber and vitamins.  Plenty of health benefits.  A handful of almonds contain about 1/8th of our daily protein needs. They help to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars.  Read our post on the health benefits of nuts!

What else can you do with them?  Milk. Flour. Oil. Butter.  Cheese.
Need a milk recipe? Click Milk.
Need a recipe for cheese? Click Cheese.


roasted-almonds-cape-town Roasted Almonds
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