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Almonds Inshell

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Almonds Roasted

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Almonds Roasted 500g
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Blanched Nuts
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Brazil Nuts

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Cashew Plain
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Cashew Peri-Peri

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Apricots SA

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Banana Chips 1kg

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Banana Chips 500g

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Banana Chips 250g

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Dried Cranberries

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Dried Apricots Disc 200g

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Dried Banana

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Cherries Tub

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Cookie Cups

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Cupcake Cookie Cups

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Cadbury Chocolate Almonds

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Cadbury Chocolate Peanuts

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Cadbury Chocolate Raisins

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Coconut Clusters

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Orley Chocolate Slab

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Cake Mix

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Castor Sugar

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Chana Flour

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Chocolate Chips

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Decorative Pearls

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Gel Food Colouring Soft Pink

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Gel Food Colouring Leaf Green

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Gel Food Colouring Electric Blue

Best Selling



Almond & Orange Drizzle Cake? Yes please.

Incredibly delicious and super easy, this one-bowl cake is the best kind of early Christmas gift. It’s perfect with a cup of tea and a friend. We adore this almond cake recipe. It’s fresh and fragrant, and is even better with Teddy’s almonds cape town! We know both...

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Pistachio Ice Cream

INSTRUCTIONS In the bowl of a food processor, process pistachio nuts until finely crushed. Drizzle in the heavy cream through the feed tube. The mixture will be paste-like. Set aside. Heat the half and half and 1 cup of sugar in a saucepan over medium-low heat....

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Strawberry Colada Macarons

We found this amazing recipe on Taste and Tell and couldn't wait to share it with you. It makes coconut French macarons which are sandwiched with strawberry buttercream in these light meringue cookies. Produce 1 heaping cup - Strawberries Refrigerated 144 g - Egg...

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Fresh News

Nuts? Teddy’s sells the best!

If you're looking for nuts south africa, you've come to the right place. All the types, all the flavors, all the deliciousness We sell Almonds, Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Jumbo Nuts and Raisins, Macadamias, Mixed Nuts, Pecan nuts, Pistachios and Trail Mix all here in our...

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